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*** Mass time changes for Easter Sunday, 2024 ***

9:00am Mass (English)

11:00am Mass (Spanish)

 Weekend Mass Schedule / Horario de Misas Dominicales

Saturday - 5:00pm (english)

Sunday - 8:00am / 10:30am (english) and 12:30pm (spanish)

Daily Mass Schedule / Horario de Misas entre semana

Monday - No Mass (pastor's day of rest)

Tuesday - 7:30am (english) and 6:00pm (spanish)

Wednesday - 5:30pm (english)

Thursday - 7:30am (english)

Friday - 5:30pm (english) 

* 1st Friday Mass at 7:30am - NO 5:30pm Mass on 1st Fridays *

Reconciliation Times / Horario de Reconciliación

Tuesday - 7:00-7:30am (30 minutes before Mass) and 6:45-7:15pm (following spanish Mass)

Wednesday - 5:00-5:30pm (30 minutes before Mass)

Thursday - 7:00-7:30am (30 minutes before Mass)

Friday - 5:00-5:30pm (30 minutes before Mass)

Saturday - 3:30-4:30pm

* When 1st Friday Mass occurs at 7:30am, confessions are offered from 7:00-7:30am *

Adoration Times / Horario de Adoración del Santísimo

Tuesday - 6:30-7:30pm (with rosary in spanish)

1st Friday - 8:00am - 5:00pm

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