Our Local Knights of Columbus Council - Council 9540 - is dedicated to serving our parish and our wider community.  The goal of every Knight is to become more and more the man of God that he was created to be.  This is achieved through prayer and on-going spiritual formation, strengthened through fraternity and fellowship, and then shared through family and community leadership and through humble (and frequent!) service projects.

Our Knights of Columbus routinely volunteer their time and expertise to help bring God's light and love more fully into our lives.  Whether they are hosting a pancake breakfast or a fish fry, collecting litter along the highway, leading the Rosary before Mass, supporting our Seminarians, visiting our sick and homebound, or organizing a regional free throw contest, we can feel that Christ is alive in them and through them.

 Venerable Father Michael McGivney, pray for us!

The Knights of Columbus have long been renowned for their concern for our youth.  They sponsor scholarships, sporting events, fundraisers and more!  And, what's more, there's a whole branch of the Knights - the Knights of Columbus Squires - completely dedicated to our young men!  Look for a Squires' Circle beginning at a parish near you! 


Our local Knights of Columbus Council is part of the larger Indiana State Council.  Click HERE to visit their website and learn more about what the Knights do - AND how to become one!

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